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By Filling Out The Form Below You Are Bound By The Legal Declaration Specified Below.

"I (Signee) declare the boat described to be properly found and in good condition and during the Rally will be adequately insured for Third Party Liability.

I (Signee) declare that the boat described has all necessary Life Jackets on board sufficent for the crew.

If the Committee should have any reason to believe that the applicant’s boat is not properly found and in sound condition, they may request permission to inspect said boat prior to commencement of the Rally. Following such inspection the Committee may at their discretion prohibit said boat from entering Rally and refund entry fee. Evidence of current Third Party insurance may be requested. In the interest of safety or otherwise the Committee reserves the right to refuse entry or debar at any stage."

Photographs taken at events may well be a great record of the day; however, not everyone will want to see themselves posted on social media. Hence, please do not take photographs without seeking consent – particularly on boats – and be aware of others sensitivities in relation to social media posting. “What happens on the water, stays on the water”.


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