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the erne boat rally

The Erne Boat Rally is a river pilgrimage taken twice annually by boating enthusiasts and waterway lovers from all over the island of Ireland. It comprises of the Main Boat Rally which takes place at the end of May or beginning of June, and the Mini Rally later in the year in early September.

The Erne Boat Rally is about people and entertainment, and above all fellowship in its widest sense enjoying this natural beautiful resource we have at our disposal - The alluring River Erne, which people flock back to year upon year.

The "Rally" as it is now affectionately known has grown into one of the biggest boating fixtures in Ireland, with anything from sixty to eighty boats or more taking part every year with happy crews always enjoying themselves and making their own entertainment in the various stops designated by the commodore along its route.

The pleasures of boating on the River Erne waterway has been enjoyed by people since the earliest of times from near and far, and the Erne Boat Rally, now in its 51st year will continue this tradition with convivial people and boating lovers indefinitely.

Photographs taken at events may well be a great record of the day; however, not everyone will want to see themselves posted on social media. Hence, please do not take photographs without seeking consent – particularly on boats – and be aware of others sensitivities in relation to social media posting. “What happens on the water, stays on the water”.

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